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  • To serve as online platform whereby scientist, researchers, students, professionals, individuals and organization share their knowledge, skills an experience among each other aimed at advancing science and technology in Africa.
  • To create networking of professionals in Africa through which they will introduce among each other, develop collaborative research projects in specific scientific disciplines, exchange knowledge and experience among each other so that they will contribute to economic and social development of africa.
  • To create D-base of Scientists, resercher  and Professionals in Africa for collaboration and partinership to design and conduct development projects in Africa.
  • To create opportunities to graduate students get access to reference materials online and create access to online advisory service in the course of their studies from newtork  of scientists and professors registered in this web site.
  • To create a network of African graduate students so that they will coomunicate, discuss scientific issue and learn from among each other.
  • To enable African graduate students get services  such as statistical analysis, review of their theses and dissertation.
  • To create online discussion forum for concerned individuals and organzations in Africa and outside Africa aimed at advancing science and technology in Africa to ultimately contribute to economic, social and environmental development of Africa.


  • To influence Policy environment in African by presenting credible and convincing  evidences that advance in science and technology is a key to solve the multiple challenges facing Africa and brings about sustainable development of the continent so that African governments will be encouraged to increase investment in education, research and science and technology.
  • To serve as a platform African scientists and researchers to have a common voice to influence African regional research and development institutes so that they will dedicate their full time and energy on African agenda.
  • To facilitate domestic trained manpower mobilization among African countries so that African Universities can overcome teaching staff deficiencies in specific fields of study or subject. Through this mechanism, African counties could decrease the current high level spending on hiring lecturers and professors from outside African continent.

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