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Background Information 

It is well known fact that Africa is by far the richest continent in its natural resource endowments in the world. For example, Africa owes the largest proportion (24 %) of arable land; it is the richest continent in its water and high value minerals resources.  However, all these resources benefited little the continent and its people to bring about economic, social and environmental development.  Thus, Africa is still the least developed continent in the world and its people are suffering from varieties of problems including high level of poverty, illiteracy, food insecurity, malnutrition, migration, conflict etc. These realities present strong evidences that being the richest in natural resources is not the main and crucial factor to bring about and ensure the development of any continent or country. Rather, it is advance in science and technology which is more important and a key to bring about all sorts of developments. In witness of this fact, the most developed continents and nations that we know today are those continents or nations where science and technology is highly advanced and benefited to their development.  Even among developed nations, those countries which used to give and giving more attentions and investments on science and technology, education and research are more developed and super power than others.

Thus, the same model should apply to Africa and the Prime Avenue available to Africa to get itself out of the multiple crises it is facing and see itself  developed, and become self reliant continent is to first invest aggressively on education, research and  advance science and technology.

One way to contributing to this development path way is through creating D-base and networking of scientists, University professors, researchers and graduate students of all African countries  through online platform so that they will be able to exchange knowledge, experiences and skills among each other, scientists and researchers found in different African countries can easily communicate among each other to develop and conduct multidisciplinary and collaborative research projects aimed at addressing core and common development challenges of Africa , students can get access to publications by African scientists, Professors and researchers, can  get direct support related to their theses and dissertation researchers from scientist and professors registered on the platform.

However, we have never encountered such a web site so far dedicated to bring all African scientists, University professors, researchers and graduate students together on continental level aimed at advancing science and technology in African ultimately to solve the multiple challenges facing Africa and bring about economic, social, political and environmental development in the continent. Thus, developing and availing African web site dedicated to advancing science and technology by Africans for African cause is of paramount importance and timely. Consequently, we have developed and launched African web site named www.academic-support-africa.com. We believe that apart from contributing to the advancement of science and technology in Africa, this web site will likely to benefit individual scientist, researcher, lecturers, professors and graduate students of Africa in their academic success and career development, create options for better job so on.  Thus, we kindly and cordially invite you to explore the web site and contribute to the goals and objectives of this web site, please.

Wassie Haile                                                                  Tewodros George

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