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Academic support for Africa (African web site) is a non for profit  web site dedicated to advancing science and technology in Africa by serving as a platform for D-base and networking of African scientists, university professors and researchers through which they will introduce among each other so that they will be able to share Knowledge and experiences between and among themselves, develop and conduct collaborative research projects across African countries and institutions aimed at solving specific and common problems of the societies in Africa, serves as a platform for networking of African graduate students enrolled in several universities in Africa through which they will be able to communicate among each other to exchange Knowledge and learn one from another, and communicate fellow African scientists, university professors and researchers so that they will get advise in designing their thesis research, receive comments and suggestions on their draft theses and dissertations from relevant professors. All these will ultimately contribute to improve economic, social, cultural, environmental and political developments of Africa.

Thus, we kindly and earnestly invite you to explore the web site, register and contribute to the objectives and goals of this website. However, we would like to bring to your attention that contribution to advancement of science and technology in Africa isn’t limited to African scientists, researchers, professors and students only. Contributions from any scientist, organizations and volunteers from any corner of the world are also highly encouraged and welcomed.

Let us integrate Africa not only physically, economically and politically but also through the integration of the knowledge, skills and expertises of its People!!

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