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Individual Coaching

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Individual coaching is available from Dr. Wassie Haile to help..


Climate CoLab

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The goal of Climate CoLab is to harness the collective....




was1Individual coaching is available from Dr. Wassie Haile to help you complete your writing project. This is done largely by email, telephone and focuses on helping you make use of your own talents, resources, and strengths so that you are successful in the completion of your project.  Coaching conversations can take place daily, weekly, or whatever best suits your needs.

“Group Coaching” is also valuable. Through this model, once coach provides counsel to several students over the phone (via a bridge line). Everyone involved agrees to confidentiality, and the group is configured to guarantee that no one in the group will be in competition with another. The advantage of this approach is that you can accomplish more in less time, and can have the opportunity to work with students in different disciplines from all over the world. The group setting also provides built-in peer support.

A dissertation coach follows up and helps with regular accountability by working with students, to give specific feedback on writing, recommend time-management strategies, provides expertise in blending content knowledge with the workshop model. The coach assesses individual needs of graduate students and guides data discussions with students to facilitate PhD completion long after the camp is over. In sum, dissertation coaches focus on a holistic – not strictly academic – approach to finishing the degree. In person or on the phone, they can discuss the student’s project on an individual basis in absolute confidence, and also serve as a sounding board for stress relief. They can offer both emotional and academic support to help students complete important tasks, as well as provide the tools they need to achieve their goals, which enable students to accomplish more with less effort.

Coaches can help students who are struggling get organized, and regularly track their progress to ensure that they stay on top of tasks. Their goal is to work in every possible way to help students write their dissertation, finish it, and get it published.

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Historical Heritage in Ethiopia


Historical Heritage in Ethiopia

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Endemic Animal in Ethiopia


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